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RankSiteFirst SeenNetblockSite ReportCountry
6735 del Peru S.A.A.GoPE PE
11354http://www.larepublica.peJanuary 2009Grupo La Republica Publicaciones S.A.GoPE PE
12035http://www.sunat.gob.peAugust 1998Telefonica del Peru S.A.A.GoPE PE
17610http://www.viabcp.comJune 2000Banco de CreditoGoPE PE
19186http://ww2.viabcp.comSeptember 2011BANCO DE CREDITO DEL PERUGoPE PE
19749https://bcpzonasegura.viabcp.comJanuary 2004Banco de CreditoGoPE PE
21049https://www.viabcp.comJuly 2000Banco de CreditoGoPE PE
25428 1996Telefonica del Peru S.A.A.GoPE PE
27675https://www.sunat.gob.peNovember 2000Telefonica del Peru S.A.A.GoPE PE
34843https://correo.muniecharati.gob.peunknownTelefonica del Peru S.A.A.GoPE PE
38561https://venus.pcm.gob.peOctober 2008America Movil Peru S.A.C.GoPE PE
39300 del Peru S.A.A.GoPE PE
40084 1998Telefonica del Peru S.A.A.GoPE PE
40840 2003Banco de Comercio del PeruGoPE PE
49869 2008Telefonica del Peru S.A.A.GoPE PE