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RankSiteFirst SeenNetblockSite ReportCountry
1 2002Google Inc.GoUS US
2https://www.facebook.comNovember 2007Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
3 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
4 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
5 2011Google Inc.GoUS US
6 2005Google Inc.GoUS US
8 2011Google Inc.GoUS US
10 2011Google Inc.GoUS US
11 1998Google Inc.GoUS US
12 2011Google Inc.GoUS US
13 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
14 2005Google Inc.GoUS US
15http://tpc.googlesyndication.comMarch 2009Google Inc.GoUS US
16 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
17 2006Google Inc.GoUS US
18 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
19 2009Google Inc.GoUS US
21 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
22http://platform.twitter.comJune 2010Twitter Inc.GoUS US
23 2001Google Inc.GoUS US
24http://googleads.g.doubleclick.netOctober 2008Google Inc.GoUS US
25http://www.facebook.comMay 1997Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
26https://googleads.g.doubleclick.netApril 2009Google Inc.GoUS US
27 2007Google Inc.GoUS US
28 1999Google Inc.GoUS US
29 2011Google Inc.GoUS US
31https://platform.twitter.comSeptember 2011Twitter Inc.GoUS US
33https://tpc.googlesyndication.comMarch 2009Google Inc.GoUS US
34https://apps.facebook.comFebruary 2011Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
35 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
36http://l.facebook.comMay 2014Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
37 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
38http://s7.addthis.comOctober 2007CloudFlare, Inc.GoUS US
39https://www.linkedin.comDecember 2003LinkedIn CorporationGoUS US
40http://www.googleadservices.comSeptember 2003Google Inc.GoUS US
41https://ad.doubleclick.netNovember 1996Google Inc.GoUS US
42 2000Google Inc.GoUS US
43 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
45 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
46http://c.betrad.comOctober 2010Akamai Technologies, Inc.GoUS US
47 2006Microsoft CorpGoUS US
48https://duckduckgo.comMarch, Inc.GoUS US
49http://facebook.comFebruary 2005Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
50http://www.msn.comJanuary 1996Microsoft CorporationGoUS US
51 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
54http://www.reddit.comJune 2002CloudFlare, Inc.GoUS US
56 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
57 1999Google Inc.GoUS US
59http://stackoverflow.comNovember 1999Stack Exchange, Inc.GoUS US
61 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
62 2012Google Inc.GoUS US
63https://facebook.comDecember 2008Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
64http://widgets.outbrain.comDecember 2007Akamai Technologies, Inc.GoUS US
66, Inc.GoUS US
67http://ad.doubleclick.netDecember 1996Google Inc.GoUS US
70http://www.ebay.comOctober 1995eBay, IncGoUS US
71https://github.comApril 2008GitHub, Inc.GoUS US
72 2010Microsoft CorporationGoUS US
75 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
77http://bit.lySeptember 2008Bitly IncGoUS US
78http://google.comApril 2000Google Inc.GoUS US
79 2002Microsoft CorporationGoUS US
80http://slashdot.orgNovember 1997Dice Career Solutions, IncGoUS US
81 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
82http://www.nytimes.comDecember 1995The New York Times CompanyGoUS US
83http://www.wunderground.comMarch 1996PSINet, Inc.GoUS US
84 2002Google Inc.GoUS US
85 2003Google Inc.GoUS US
89http://gmail.comApril 1997Google Inc.GoUS US
90http://arstechnica.comApril 2000Server Central NetworkGoUS US
91https://gmail.comJanuary 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
92 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
93https://cdn.extensionanalytics.comunknownAmazon Technologies Inc.GoUS US
96 2012Google Inc.GoUS US
97https://www.googleapis.comJune 2010Google Inc.GoUS US
99 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
101, Inc.GoUS US
102http://verisign.comJune 1997Verisign, Inc.GoUS US
104 2012Inktomi CorporationGoUS US
105, Inc.GoUS US
107 2008Google Inc.GoUS US
108https://content.googleapis.comunknownGoogle Inc.GoUS US
109 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
111http://cdn-static.liverail.comFebruary 2010Highwinds Network Group, Inc.GoUS US
112 2000Google Inc.GoUS US
117 2002Google Inc.GoUS US
119http://www.linkedin.comJanuary 2003LinkedIn CorporationGoUS US
120 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
122 2003Google Inc.GoUS US
125 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
126http://youtube.comMarch 2008Google Inc.GoUS US
129 2000Google Inc.GoUS US
130https://plus.googleapis.comunknownGoogle Inc.GoUS US
133https://www.superfish.comFebruary 2010Travis HarrisGoUS US
134http://bcp.crwdcntrl.netJuly 2009Amazon Technologies Inc.GoUS US
136https://www.reddit.comunknownCloudFlare, Inc.GoUS US
137 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
138http://www.superfish.comNovember 1998DataPipe, Inc.GoUS US
139 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
141 Inc.GoUS US