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RankSiteFirst SeenNetblockSite ReportCountry
1 2002Google Inc.GoUS US
2https://www.facebook.comNovember 2007Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
3 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
4 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
5 2011Google Inc.GoUS US
6 2011Google Inc.GoUS US
7https://s-static.ak.facebook.comJanuary 2009Akamai International, BVGoNL NL
8 2005Google Inc.GoUS US
9http://static.ak.facebook.comDecember 2006Akamai International, BVGoNL NL
10 2011Google Inc.GoUS US
11 1998Google Inc.GoUS US
12 2011Google Inc.GoUS US
13 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
14 2006Google Inc.GoUS US
15 2005Google Inc.GoUS US
16 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
17http://tpc.googlesyndication.comMarch 2009Google Inc.GoUS US
18 2009Google Inc.GoUS US
19 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
20https://twitter.comJune 2007Twitter International CompanyGoUK UK
21http://platform.twitter.comJune 2010Twitter Inc.GoUS US
22 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
23https://googleads.g.doubleclick.netApril 2009Google Inc.GoUS US
24 2007Google Inc.GoUS US
25 2001Google Inc.GoUS US
26http://googleads.g.doubleclick.netOctober 2008Google Inc.GoUS US
27http://www.facebook.comMay 1997Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
28 2011Google Inc.GoUS US
29 1999Google Inc.GoUS US
30http://en.wikipedia.orgNovember 2003Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.GoNL NL
31https://platform.twitter.comSeptember 2011Twitter Inc.GoUS US
33https://tpc.googlesyndication.comMarch 2009Google Inc.GoUS US
34 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
35https://apps.facebook.comFebruary 2011Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
36http://s7.addthis.comOctober 2007CloudFlare, Inc.GoUS US
37https://www.dpa-news.deMarch 2010Medien Communications Gesellschaft mbHGoDE DE
38http://l.facebook.comMay 2014Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
39 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
40https://www.linkedin.comDecember 2003LinkedIn CorporationGoUS US
41https://ad.doubleclick.netNovember 1996Google Inc.GoUS US
42http://www.googleadservices.comSeptember 2003Google Inc.GoUS US
43 2000Google Inc.GoUS US
44 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
45 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
46 2006Microsoft CorpGoUS US
47http://c.betrad.comOctober 2010Akamai Technologies, Inc.GoUS US
48https://duckduckgo.comMarch, Inc.GoUS US
49http://facebook.comFebruary 2005Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
50http://www.msn.comJanuary 1996Microsoft CorporationGoUS US
51https://s.yimg.comDecember 2008Yahoo! EuropeGoUK UK
52 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
53https://cdn3.doubleverify.comunknownAkamai International, BVGoNL NL
54http://www.reddit.comJune 2002CloudFlare, Inc.GoUS US
55http://t.coAugust 2010Twitter International CompanyGoUK UK
56 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
57 1995BBCGoUK UK
58 2012Google Inc.GoUS US
59 1999Google Inc.GoUS US
60 2004Yahoo! EuropeGoUK UK
61http://stackoverflow.comNovember 1999Stack Exchange, Inc.GoUS US
62https://facebook.comDecember 2008Facebook, Inc.GoUS US
63 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
64 1999Yahoo! EuropeGoIR IR
65http://widgets.outbrain.comDecember 2007Akamai International, BVGoNL NL
66 1996Amazon Data Services IrelandGoIE IE
67http://ads.pubmatic.comDecember 2007Akamai International, BVGoNL NL
68 2011Yahoo! EuropeGoIR IR
69http://ad.doubleclick.netDecember 1996Google Inc.GoUS US
70https://github.comApril 2008GitHub, Inc.GoUS US
71http://www.ebay.comOctober 1995eBay, IncGoUS US
72 2010Microsoft CorporationGoUS US
73 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
74http://www.ebay.deMay 1998Akamai International, BVGoNL NL
75http://google.comApril 2000Google Inc.GoUS US
76http://bit.lySeptember 2008Bitly IncGoUS US
77http://tap2-cdn.rubiconproject.comJune 2011Akamai TechnologiesGoEU EU
78https://cdn.extensionanalytics.comunknownAmazon Technologies Inc.GoUS US
79http://slashdot.orgNovember 1997Dice Career Solutions, IncGoUS US
80 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
81 2002Microsoft CorporationGoUS US
82 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
83http://www.wunderground.comMarch 1996PSINet, Inc.GoUS US
84 2013Yahoo! EuropeGoIE IE
85 2003Google Inc.GoUS US
86http://www.nytimes.comDecember 1995The New York Times CompanyGoUS US
87http://edge.sharethis.comNovember 2010Sky BroadbandGoUK UK
88http://gmail.comApril 1997Google Inc.GoUS US
89https://gmail.comJanuary 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
90 2012Yahoo! EuropeGoUK UK
91 2002Google Inc.GoUS US
92 2013Google Inc.GoUS US
93http://twitter.comOctober 2007Twitter International CompanyGoUK UK
94http://www.cnn.comOctober 1995Fastly London 2 OperationsGoUK UK
95http://www.dpa-news.deFebruary 2002Medien Communications Gesellschaft mbHGoDE DE
96https://www.googleapis.comJune 2010Google Inc.GoUS US
97http://arstechnica.comApril 2000Server Central NetworkGoUS US
98https://startpage.comSeptember 2009Surfboard Holding B.V.GoNL NL
99 2014Yahoo! EuropeGoIE IE
100 2014Yahoo! EuropeGoIE IE