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RankSiteFirst SeenNetblockSite ReportCountry
4100http://nagios.dial-up.netunknownInternet SolutionsGoZA ZA
4676 1998First Rand BankGoZA ZA
4985 2007First Rand BankGoZA ZA
7537 1997Dimension DataGoZA ZA
11293https://clients.web4africa.comFebruary 2018Web4AfricaGoZA ZA
12811https://www.property24.comunknownHomeFind24 (Pty) Ltd t/a Property24GoZA ZA
15908 2001Bidorbuy (Pty) LtdGoZA ZA
20199https://twrp.meJune 2015VDIGoZA ZA
21163https://network-jhb1.web4africa.netOctober 2017Web4AfricaGoZA ZA
21915 ZA
23135http://monitor.dial-up.netunknownInternet SolutionsGoZA ZA
23364 2005ABSA BankGoZA ZA
25248https://web4africa.comMay 2018Web4AfricaGoZA ZA
26381https://clientzone.afrihost.comApril 2009AFRIHOST-FIXEDGoZA ZA
26428https://login-za.mimecast.comunknownMimecast South Africa RNDGoZA ZA
27543https://dl.twrp.meJune 2015VDIGoZA ZA
27716 to CustomerGoZA ZA
28864 2004Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
29007 2013Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
30476 2005Hetzner Managed NetworkGoZA ZA
30546https://ecosystem.24.comunknownOptinet a division of Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
32254 of South AfricaGoZA ZA
32348https://secure.takealot.comAugust 2011Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
32427https://protect-za.mimecast.comunknownMimecast South Africa RNDGoZA ZA
34211 (Pty) LtdGoZA ZA
36165 = "COI001"GoZA ZA
36468https://buildbox.broadband.isJuly 2017Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
37010 ZA
37425https://admin-za-6.mimecast.comunknownMimecast South Africa PKLGoZA ZA
37538https://scontent-hbe1-1.xx.fbcdn.netunknownFacebook South Africa (Pty) LtdGoZA ZA
37847 ZA
38347 2016Government of South AfricaGoZA ZA
38420 2003Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
38570 2006University of South AfricaGoZA ZA
39905 2002Gridhost ServicesGoZA ZA
39906 2013owner = "UUN999"GoZA ZA
40133 ZA
42045https://admin-za-5.mimecast.comunknownMimecast South Africa RNDGoZA ZA
45022 2015Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
46771http://twrp.meMay 2015VDIGoZA ZA