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RankSiteFirst SeenNetblockSite ReportCountry
1590 2006University of StellenboschGoZA ZA
8083 1998First Rand BankGoZA ZA
8127https://www.news24.comunknownOptinet a division of Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
8574 2007First Rand BankGoZA ZA
9643http://www.news24.comAugust 1999Optinet a division of Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
12591https://www.web4africa.netFebruary 2007Web4AfricaGoZA ZA
12876https://clients.web4africa.comFebruary 2018Web4AfricaGoZA ZA
18463 ZA
23298 2001Bidorbuy (Pty) LtdGoZA ZA
24683https://connect.dstv.comunknownOptinet a division of Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
24708 ZA
24854 1997Dimension DataGoZA ZA
25712https://network-jhb1.web4africa.netOctober 2017Web4AfricaGoZA ZA
26027https://www.fin24.comApril 2008Optinet a division of Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
26200http://www.fin24.comDecember 2007Optinet a division of Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
27002 2005ABSA BankGoZA ZA
27097 1995University of South AfricaGoZA ZA
28450https://now.dstv.comunknownOptinet a division of Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
29863 1997First Rand BankGoZA ZA
33169https://login-za.mimecast.comunknownMimecast SAGoZA ZA
33590https://www.property24.comunknownHomeFind24 (Pty) Ltd t/a Property24GoZA ZA
34033 2006Discovery HealthGoZA ZA
34069 2009Neotel_Hosting_AlloctionGoZA ZA
35728 of Cape TownGoZA ZA
36486 2012IPs block assigned to hostingGoZA ZA
39605 1996Addresses used for Hosting SolutionsGoZA ZA
40340https://www.pembridge.comOctober 2001Dimension DataGoZA ZA
41186http://news24.comFebruary 2009Optinet a division of Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA
41428 2006University of South AfricaGoZA ZA
41456 used for Hosting SolutionsGoZA ZA
41647 of South AfricaGoZA ZA
42437 of South AfricaGoZA ZA
42701 ZA
43369 2016Fishbone LOCAL ONLY Channel Bond SolutionGoZA ZA
43604 and shared managed serversGoZA ZA
43980 2016Addresses used for Hosting SolutionsGoZA ZA
44052https://haxf4rall.comMay 2016Afrihost CloudGoZA ZA
44820 2015The Standard Bank of South Africa LimitedGoZA ZA
48869https://protect-za.mimecast.comunknownMimecast SAGoZA ZA
49274https://www.supersport.comunknownOptinet a division of Internet SolutionsGoZA ZA